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04 Mar 2016

After April 4th owner drivers in retail and long-distance will get paid for ALL their work. Find out how you will benefit from the Order by going to the RSRT payments calculator: http://paymentscalculator.rsrt.gov.au
What is "Safe Rates"?
After a long and hard fought campaign by the Transport Workers' Union, the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal was established. The Tribunal has now handed down its first order setting minimum and enforceable rates for eligible contractor drivers.
The Order is called the Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016.
Q) Who does the Order apply to?
A) The Order applies to contractor drivers who provide transport services in relation to anything destined for sale in a supermarket chain or in relation to a long-distance operation.
It will ensure contractor long-distance drivers and those who work locally distributing goods for a supermarket chain are paid for all time spent in providing transport services, easing pressure on an industry with the highest rate of work-related fatalities.
Q) When will the Order apply?
A) The Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016 commences on 4 April 2016.
Q) What does this mean for me?
A) The Order provides for:
  • Payment for time spent providing the transport service;
  • Minimum rates;
  • Unpaid leave;
  • Audit processes
Q) What time can I be paid for?
A) Contractor drivers must be paid for each hour or part thereof during which they are:
  • Required to be at the disposal and direction of the hirer;
  • Queuing and/or waiting;
  • Loading and Unloading;
  • Inspecting or attending to loads;
  • Refuelling;
  • Resting for each period of rest time of 30 minutes or less;
  • Completing hirers documentation;
  • Waiting because of a natural disaster (up to 8 hours in every 24).
Q) So what's the minimum rate?
A) The minimum rates are set out in the schedules to the Order and vary depending upon:
  • The grade of work being performed (linked to the mass of the vehicle);
  • The class of the vehicle being driven; and
  • The type of trailer being towed;
  • Whether the work is local supermarket work or long distance work.
The rates are determined by reference to both an hourly rate and a rate per kilometre as follows.
(Time x Hourly Rate)+(Km Driven x Rate Per Km)
Q) Do I have to be paid this way?
A) As it stands, no. However, a hirer must be able to prove that a contractor driver would be better off over 28 days than if they had been paid the Safe Rate.
Local supermarket drivers must be pad using the Safe Rate method from the 3rd October 2016 unless they are covered by a Road Transport Collective Agreement, which must leave drivers better off than the Safe Rate.
Go to www.rsrt.gov.au for more information
Click here for Summary of Decision of the above RSRT Order 



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