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Member benefits

As a TWU member you will be part of a united team of over 133,000 other transport, distribution, productions and aviation workers who are members of a trade union.

Did you know:

  • Workers in the transport, distribution, aviation and production industries who are union members earn an average of 30% more than non-union members

  • Casual and part-time workers who are union members earn 43% more than non-union workers

  • There are three times fewer dismissals in union workplaces

  • Female union members earn 24% more than non-union workers

As a member of the TWU you'll be part of the team delivering results like these for you, your family and your mates.

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Other benefits of TWU membership:


Free referral to Andersons solicitors for a range of legal matters including driving infringements, WorkCover, industrial & commercial law, personal injury and discrimination in the Workplace.

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TWUSUPER is one of the best industry funds around. The union also provides a consultation service on your superannuation through our Superannuation Officer.

More details: TWUSUPER 1800 222 071



ME, the industry super fund bank, provides a range of cost effective home loans, credit cards, savings and transaction accounts... designed to help TWU members get ahead.

More details: 13 15 63  | 



$1000 is paid on the death of a financial member to the member's family.

More details: 8346 4177 (TWU members only)



TWU members of 20+ years of good standing who retire from the industry and pay the retired membership fee will still receive the Transport Worker magazine and are invited to attend an annual dinner.

More details: 8346 4177 (TWU members only)



Union Shopper is a 100% union-owned organisation that utilises the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families. TWU members can save on products including electrical and whitegoods, cars, travel, accommodation, car hire, computers, leisure and entertainment, gifts and much more.

More details: or 1300 368 117.




Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA)

The TWU has a proven track record at improving the wages and working conditions for our members. It’s a fact: union members earn more per week than non-union members. On top of that, the TWU fights for EBAs that guarantee:

  • Regular wage increases

  • Fair rostering provisions

  • Superior leave entitlements

  • Penalty loadings

  • Public holidays

  • Meal breaks

  • Allowances

More details: (08) 8346 4177



The TWU offers free advice and assistance with a range of workplace issues such as:

  • Enterprise bargaining

  • Safety on the job

  • Discrimination

  • Wages underpayment

  • Dispute resolution

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Disciplinary matters

  • Harrassment at work

More details: (08) 8346 4177



Paid Union Delegate Training Leave allows workplace representatives the oppportunity to be trained in areas such as industrial relations, communications, negotiation skills, OH&S, recruitment and retention. The courses are designed to be informative and interactive.

More details: (08) 8346 4177



  • Employers and the Government have never just handed out better conditions.Benefits like weekends, overtime, sick leave, holidays, pensions, RDOs, redundancy and ending child labour have all been fought for and won by union members.

  • Union workplaces are safer because people aren't afraid to speak up on safety issues. International studies show that union workplaces have an injury rate 24% lower than non-union workplaces.

  • Being a union member means you can rest easy without fears you will lose your job. If you are unfairly dismissed, our legal team will back you every step of the way.

  • Transport is the most dangerous industry in Australia. Union members have access to in-house training, allowing members to build safer and stronger workplaces.

  • Your concerns are never swept under the carpet on TWU sites. The union is your voice at work.

  • The union has an experienced in-house legal team together with access to leading law firm Andersons (Halfpennys in NT) to represent you in unfair dismissals, underpayments and WorkCover claims and more.

  • Union workplace agreements mean employer superannuation contributions well above the 9.5% Government rate - which could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars!

  • The TWU is a strong, active union, campaigning on local and national issues that matter to you: superannuation, Medicare, workplace safety, pay and many, many more.