Transport Worker Journal – Spring 2014 edition

The following correction has been made to the Transport Worker Spring Edition 2014.
TWU SA/NT membership fees for 2014
should read – TWU SA/NT membership fees for 2015

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Take action for Safe Roads and Safe Rates

Great news! This morning Senator Ricky Muir, from the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party, joined our fight to secure Safe Rates!

Senator Muir pledged his support to the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) – joining politicians from all sides of the fence to fight for a safer and fairer road transport industry.

Will you send a message of thanks to Senator Muir and other Safe Rates supporters in the Senate?

When you do, you’ll also ask Senators who haven’t pledged their support to do the right thing and stand up for road safety.

The RSRT was set up to hold major transport clients like Coles to account, to help make sure drivers get Safe Rates for a fairer industry and to keep Aussie roads safe for all of us.

But some members of the Government have marked the RSRT as ‘red tape’, ready for the chop.

Tell our Senators road safety is not red tape by sending your Safe Rates message.

Winning Senator Muir’s support brings us one step closer to securing Safe Rates.
But to make sure the RSRT is safe from the Government’s chopping block, we need to ask more Senators to support Safe Rates.
You can help by sending your Senators a Safe Rates message today!
(click on the link)

The Safe Rates Team

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